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Three Things to Look for in a Silicone Molding Company


As liquid silicone rubber materials become more commonly used in medical device assemblies and other applications, it is important to find a silicone molding company that will partner with you to mold high-quality silicone parts. There are many items one should cover when selecting a silicone molding company. We wanted to share with you what we felt are the top three things to look for.

  1. Communication: Does your silicone molder let you know when a part needs design changes in order to be easily manufacturable? Do they let you know when a shipment is late and how they are trying to move the project forward? Do they review quotes with you so that you understand what options you have? Albright Technologies is a silicone molding company that strives to meet and exceed its customers’ expectations. We take communicating with our customers seriously and want to ensure that we meet all of your needs.
  2. Delivery: Does your silicone molding company meet your delivery schedule? Do they provide rapid turn-around times of 5, 10 and 15 business days? Are they flexible in getting you parts sooner? Albright prides itself in having a standard lead time for silicone molded parts of only 15 business days! In addition, we can provide 5 and 10 business day expedites of limited quantities for a nominal fee. Imagine having silicone production parts when you need them instead of next week; Albright can do that for you!
  3. Quality of Product: Do your parts meet specification? Are certificates of compliance in order? Does your silicone molder make parts that exceed your quality expectations? Albright employs an ISO13485:2003 quality management system to mold silicone parts that meet or exceed your expectations. We pride ourselves on a product return rate of less than 1%!

When looking for a rapid silicone molding company, take a look at Albright Technologies before you select your molder. Please contact our sales department by emailing ryan@albright1.com or mercedes@albright1.com or call us at 978.466.5870 to have your part design reviewed and a quote provided.