Can a mold flow simulation be done in silicone like with plastic?

Question: When designing a medical silicone mold can a mold flow simulation be done in silicone like plastic mold flow?

Answer: There is a number of flow simulation software available for polymeric materials. Some may be restricted due to the amount of materials available for simulation, while others have the ability to import new materials into the software database. In response to the question, silicone flow can be simulated like plastic mold flow. Although various features of mold flow simulation can be performed, the use of applications and interpretations of the result may be different from plastic flow. Cooling phase, for instance, is one of the available simulation features of mold flow that is used to guide or help the plastic designers, but it is not applicable to silicone designers. There are more features in the software simulation that the silicone designers have to work around in order to obtain the correct results.