What is the typical price for producing an over-mold of silicone on an injection molded part?

Question: What is the typical price for producing an over-mold of medical silicone on an injection molded part? (not including the mold development)

Answer: It is difficult to estimate a typical price for a medical siliocone over-molded part because the complexity of a part needs to be accounted for. A molded part is carefully placed inside a medical silicone over-mold tool. Depending on the design of the tool, the molded part should be in a fixed position inside the tool, and shut-off consideration is also evaluated.

In addition to the complexity of the part, cycle time also comes into play for the pricing. If a molded medical silicone part is quite simple in geometry and does not require significant liquid silicone material injection, curing time will be reduced. Various processing parameters for liquid silicone molding can be either reduced or increased, depending on mold design and certain silicone materials. Another unforeseen factor is what can be the potential problem of molding. By going towards liquid silicone production molding, one may run into the risk of molding unacceptable parts. With the aid of the prototyping an over-mold part from the concept, it will assure the capability of the design.

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